Who are the Beets Brothers?
The Beets Brothers is a jazz-quartet consisting of the three brothers Marius (1966), Alexander (1968) and Peter (1971) Beets and a drummer-friend.

Born into a family of a jazz-minded gynaecologist-father and a classical pianist-mother the boys were always surrounded by music. As becoming an accomplished musician not only takes a lot of inspiration but also a great amount of transpiration, from the age of six years on they were put under the stern musical tutelage of their mother and were trained each for one hour daily and six days a week. Hesitantly their father tried to inject some jazz into this classical bastion.

After some years of objecting to this regime one day the boys discovered the fun and satisfaction of playing together, and the Beets Brothers were born. At first their playing was restricted to the parental living-room which very soon became packed with a variety of musical instruments. Later they gave school-concerts and performed for a local radio-station. Soon they were asked to play at competitions (that they regularly won) and festivals.


He has shared the stage with jazz greats like Chick Corea, Wynton Marsalis,Toots Thielemans, Elvin Jones, George Coleman, Johnny Griffin, Benny Golson and John Clayton. He recorded with Jeff Hamilton, Larry Grenadier, Greg Hutchinson and Curtis Fuller and in 2001 his album "New York Trio" was released, which brought him international acclaim.

Peter Beets (1971) was from birth surrounded by music: classical from his mother who is a music pedagogue, and jazz from his father who has a great love of Oscar Peterson and Art Blakey. Although originally his parents did not associate the word musician with the word career, music is definitely in the family͛s blood. His brothers Marius (1966) and Alexander (1968) also became professionals, on string bass and tenor saxophone. From 1985 the brothers performed together as The Beets Brothers.

In 1988 Peter won the prestigious Pall Mall Swing Award and a year later the Princess Christina Award. In 1996, Peter recorded a remarkable trio album called First Date with drummer Jeff Hamilton, Peter became a much-wanted pianist both inside and outside the Netherlands, accompanying, among others First Lady of Jazz Rita Reys. In 1998 he finished his conservatory studies and won the Prix Martial Solal in Paris. In the same year he became the regular pianist of The Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw. With trombone and jazz legend Curtis Fuller, Peter made a live recording in 1999 and won in that same year yet another prize, the Concours de Solistes de Jazz in Monaco.


Alexander started his musical education by his mother at the age of six not only on the piano, but some time later also on the clarinet, the last instrument causing her some trouble. This notwithstanding he proved an apt pupil and private tuition was soon initiated. After switching from clarinet to tenor-saxophone it became obvious, that his main interest was definitely not the piano.

With his brothers he started playing jazz and soon thereafter was performing on many different stages with them on a relatively large scale. With his extremely lyric tone-picture he proved to be able to enchant his audiences ever more.

Contrary to his elder and younger brother Alexander, after finishing high-school, did not enrol in a conservatory, but took up a study in organizational-management, at first at bachelor-level and finishing off with a masters-degree. All the time however he kept on playing with tremendous success. He recorded with other famous tenor players as Hans Dulfer, Houston Person and Ronnie Cuber.

With his masters-degree in organizational management besides being one of Holland’s most sought-after saxophone-players he is pre-eminently suited to teach music-management at university-level. Apart from that he conducts courses and seminars in international artist-management, with renowned speakers from all over the world, just recently India and Brazil.


Double-Bass player Marius Beets started his musical upbringing at the age of six on the piano. Shortly thereafter he furthermore began acquiring proficiency on the guitar, at first the acoustic variant, later on the electric guitar and the bass-guitar. He still is an accomplished pianist, an indispensable proviso for his composing- and orchestrating-work.

Marius is a much-belauded musician in the international scene. This is undoubtedly the result of his many concerts with the Beets Brothers and many other jazz-formations, as well as his way of playing. That is dubbed by his fellow-musicians as ͞rock-steady͟. It is extremely stable with a masterly timing. It comes as no surprise his contribution can be heard on an imposing number of albums.

He shared the stage with jazz-celebreties as f.i. Teddy Edwards, James Moody, Bud Shank, Johnny Griffin, Herb Geller, George Coleman and many others. With famous drummer Jeff Hamilton as well as with Jiggs Wigham and recently Ronnie Cuber Marius recorded cd’s.

Marius is much asked for by Hollands’ First Lady of Jazz Rita Reys. This is not only in virtue ofhis outstanding musical qualities, but also of the way he knows how to lay the foundation for an unshakable rhythm-section. Furthermore he participated in cross-over projects with classical orchestras as The Schönberg Ensemble, Nieuw Sinfonietta Amsterdam and the Brabants Orkest. Besides playing double-bass he is also a recognized composer and arranger and also a sound-engineer with his own recording-studio